The UITP Summit, brought to you every year: Putting people at the heart of each annual edition

February 21, 2024

Redefining how we connect… By bringing the sector together

As the only association of our kind, it’s important for UITP to recognise the ways in which we interact have changed – and what this means for our members and the wider sector.

In 2021, UITP decided to take a closer look at what that would mean for the largest event of its kind dedicated to advancing sustainable urban mobility.

Following conversations and consultation with our membership, we decided to bring the sector together on a more regular basis by making the UITP Summit an annual gathering.

By refocusing our activities on an annual edition we would bring a better balance to our approach of putting people first.

Beginning in 1886, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, has been the date of expectation in the calendar of all sector professionals, with each host city becoming the public transport capital of the world for a week long of activities.

After wrapping a hugely successful edition last year in beautiful Barcelona, we have already set our sights on the next host cities to carry forward the incredible achievements made in 2023!

We believe that moving to an annual edition will build a strong and recognisable relationship with each host city well into the future. With Hamburg and Dubai firmly in place for 2025/2027, and 2026, UITP can connect the audience to the one location for the only date public transport professionals will need for their diaries! It is the people within public transport who make our sector what it is, and by connecting them to each other on a more regular basis, our membership, partners, and stakeholders can explore new and exciting relationships along the way.”

Renée Amilcar

UITP President

With the news that the Summit would take place every year starting from 2025, we opened the tender for the 2025 and 2027 editions to any city on the European continent.

And in early 2023, we were delighted to announce Hamburg as our winning host city for 2025 and 2027!

In between both Hamburg editions, the UITP Summit will arrive in Dubai for the first edition in the UAE in 15 years, in the same year the Summit will celebrate its 140th anniversary.

With the locations set for 2025, 2026 and 2027, it’s time to introduce you to our official new Summit imagery!

Our new annual format… With brand-new imagery

With our new approach to the UITP Summit in place, we knew that a new image, brand and design was needed.

Hosting a Summit more aligned with the times, meant an identity and logo to match our core values as an association.

The UITP Summit – simpler, sharper, easier to remember and engage with: a brand that is specific, and also unique for each edition.

There is a brand-new Summit parent logo, alongside an adapted host city logo for each edition – to best represent the charm and identity of our new annual location.

With every host city logo representing the location featuring an important local landmark, it will be easy for attendees to recognise each city…you can see all three right now in our clever animation!

The UITP Summit is the largest event of its kind dedicated to urban mobility and is the major gathering point in the public transport calendar, as a time to engage, share ideas and re-imagine our sector.

We know that by making these exciting changes, our annual gathering will become a festival of public transport not to be missed!


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March 05, 2024 5. März 2024
Destination Dubai: The UITP Summit will arrive in the UAE in April 2026
Heading to Dubai... For our new Annual Summit UITP and the city of Dubai share a lengthy and successful relationship that goes all the way back to the 1990s when our membership in the UAE began to grow… From those historic beginnings, our first regional office in the city was opened in 2005, leading the way for a prosperous partnership with the Roads and Transport Authority Dubai (RTA) that grows closer with each event. Now, as the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition 2024 draws to a close, UITP and RTA look ahead to the future when the world of urban mobility will be focused on ‘Destination Dubai’ for the 2026 Summit… And we’re pleased to officially announce the dates 21-23 April 2026, as Dubai will become the public transport capital of the world across those three days.When the UITP Global Summit arrives in Dubai in 2026, it will be exactly fifteen years since the Summit was last hosted there in 2011. Even then, the city was very well advanced when it comes to urban mobility. Since then, public transport has developed at a truly impressive rate thanks to the strong focus and commitment of RTA. With the changes to our global events strategy, Dubai will become the first city outside of Europe to host the new UITP Annual Summit. I’m excited to see what outstanding urban mobility options the delegates will experience upon their arrival.A vision for the future... At #UITP2026 We know that by this point you will have been in Hamburg the year before for the 2025 edition, the first of two to be held in the German city. After all, we may have wrapped a hugely successful 2023 edition in beautiful Barcelona, but we already have our sights set on the next host cities to carry forward the incredible achievements made last year! With the news that the Summit would take place every year starting from 2025, Hamburg was announced as our winning host city! And now, we’re pleased to announce the official dates for the 2026 Annual Summit, which will see us return to Dubai for the first time in 15 years when the UITP Global Summit was held in 2011. Dubai will also hold the international distinction of being the first host city to welcome the UITP Summit under our new Annual approach. 2026 will also be a year of another very special UITP anniversary: one year after celebrating our 140th anniversary as an association (17 August 2025), we will acknowledge with great pride the 140th anniversary of the UITP Summit – which began in Berlin in 1886, one year after UITP was born. With UITP’s presence in the region, and significant investments in public transport projects, the MENA region is witnessing a clear paradigm shift towards more public transport… Destination Dubai 2026 – we’ll see you all there![dsm_image_carousel gallery_ids="3071,3063,3061,3069,3059" centered_slides="on" slide_to_show="2" speed="1500" autoplay="off" space_between="30" use_arrow_custom_position="on" arrow_custom_position="40px" arrow_size="100px" show_lightbox="on" arrow_color="#FFFFFF" dots_horizontal_placement="-50px" slide_to_show_tablet="2" slide_to_show_phone="2" slide_to_show_last_edited="on|phone" space_between_tablet="20" space_between_phone="10" space_between_last_edited="on|phone" arrow_custom_position_tablet="25px" arrow_custom_position_phone="-5px" arrow_custom_position_last_edited="on|phone" arrow_size_tablet="80px" arrow_size_phone="50px" arrow_size_last_edited="on|phone" module_class="dss-carousel-images" _builder_version="4.24.0" _module_preset="default" global_colors_info="{}" theme_builder_area="et_body_layout"][/dsm_image_carousel]©: Dubai RTA
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