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Y4PT announces third Global Transport Hackathon winners in Stockholm

“How are we going to change the world, one of your ideas at a time?” This is the question that Alessandra Gorini, Founder & Executive Director of Youth for Public Transport (Y4PT) poses to the young people gathered around her at the third edition of the Y4PT Global Transport Hackathons.

The energy in the room is thick with excitement. No one audibly responds to this rhetorical question at the time, but the answers are in the 13 projects that these young innovators pitched to a jury yesterday before the Opening Ceremony of the UITP Summit in Stockholm 9 June 2019.

Three days ago, about 60 young men and women, ages ranging from 16 to 37, arrived in Stockholm, Sweden after months of hard work and preparation. All of them have already won through Local Hackathons, from all over the world, and now they were given the opportunity to present their creative solutions to mobility-related issues at the biggest global platform for urban mobility professionals, our Summit. It is without a doubt the experience of a lifetime.

Now the results are in and the three winning teams were awarded on the stage of the Opening Ceremony at the Summit! Take a look at some of the projects they came up with!


Third place: Compal

Compal is an on-demand ride-sharing system created specifically to solve the issue of traveling from an airport in a foreign country. The user downloads the mobile app, fills in his/her needs, how many people he/she wants to share the ride with, choose the final destination and puts in a price preference, and is then provided with solutions.

The app also promotes sustainable travel—it shows the user how many CO2 emissions each journey would produce so that users can make conscious choices,

The app matches your profile with other users to share your ride with based on various aspects: maybe you share the same line of work and their could be potential business opportunities on the way.

Payments are also easily made through blockchain.


Second place: BLI

This team presented a safety vest which provides navigation assistance for cyclists or those travelling by e-scooters to prevent accidents.

The user connects his/her smartphone to the vest and chooses his/her destination. The vest will guide the user to his/her final destination, and will use signalling lights so that other vehicles in the area are aware of where the user is headed.

The vest also has an emergency feature for accidents. If the user crashes, the vest sets off an alarm and visible signal, in case the user has fallen out of sight. Emergency services are contacted if the user is not responsive.


First place: Tres

Taking home grand prize, team Tres came with an innovative mobility solution that tackles the global issue of food waste.

Organic waste can be recycled to power vehicles in a clean, sustainable way. Tres seeks to add food waste receptacles in buses to create green energy to fuel sustainable transport in cities.

They also plan to partner with local restaurants and supermarkets to pick up their food waste or nearly expired products, at low-volume periods of the day (so as not to reduce capacity), to redistribute still edible food to shelters for those in need.

All three projects can change the world… stay tuned for an exclusive interview with our winners!

If you’re in Stockholm, take the opportunity to meet with these young mobility artists at the Y4PT Fair throughout the Summit in room T6!