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Technical visits

Discover first-hand best practices and real life implementations

Registrations for the technical visits are now closed.


Theme / Venue

Number of participants




1 Jump on board with TMB to experience what will soon be Europe's longest automated metro line. 25 persons 2 h 00 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
2 Discover FGC's main operating facility operating 24/7 and see what it's like to be behind the wheel on a driving simulator. 25 persons 2:00 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
3 All aboard a hydrogen bus including a visit to TMB's control and operations centre 25 persons 2:00 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
4 TMB's Zero-emission bus strategy: Visit the Electric buses depot and ride on on a Hydrogen bus 25 persons 2:00 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
5 Visit TMB's hydrogen bus production station which boosts sustainable mobility by allowing access to other vehicles. 25 persons 1:30 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
6 Putting the breath back in Barcelona; explore the city's new green hubs, pedestrian areas enabled by reclaiming space previously used by private vehicles 50 persons 1:30 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
7 Check out the technologically advanced tools in TMB's Transit Control Centre 20 persons 2 h 00 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
8 Railway Museum of Catalonia 25 persons 2:30 Sunday 4 June, 10:00
9 From monasteries to mobility: emerge from Montserrat Mountain aboard the Rack Railway 100 persons 5:00 Thursday 8 June, 9:00
10 ZAL: TMB’s Automated Metro Depot 35 persons 2:00 Thursday 8 June, 10:00
11 Light at the end of the tunnel: a new rail link to Barcelona airport constructed under a runway 25 persons 1:30 Thursday 8 June, 10:00
12 An iconic connection: Explore the new tram networks along the Diagonal Boulevard 15 persons 1:30 Thursday 8 June, 10:00
13 Mobility by the numbers: Discover how Catalonia is kept moving from its main information hub 15 persons 1:30 Thursday 8 June, 10:00
14 Scenery with safety: Enjoy views of Barcelona from Montjuic on TMB's Teleferic and Funicular, and visit the depot 40 persons 1:30 Thursday 8 June, 16:00
15 Learn about RENFE's major infrastructure project for its new intermodal Sagrera station TBD TBD Thursday 8 June, TBD

IMPORTANT: Technical visits are a free and exclusive service for registered attendees of the Global Public Transport Summit. Registration will take place on a first come / first served basis. Attendees can request registration to one technical visit only. Registration will be effective only after reception of a formal confirmation message from the host of the visit.