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The Summit will shine under the theme “Bright Light of the City”

As the world’s largest event dedicated to urban mobility, the UITP Global Public Transport Summit has a long history to its name.

Going back to 1886 – beginning one year after UITP was born – 64 outstanding host cities have welcomed our sector to debate, showcase and innovate the future of urban mobility.

In 2023, the public transport community will arrive in Barcelona for the 65th edition (4-7 June), being welcomed to a city that has everything you need: metro, bus, tram, train and even cable cars, Barcelona has it all.

Our local host will be Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), a long-term UITP member and active association contributor.

As well as a city full of culture, heritage and energy, our delegates will be brought together under our brand-new Summit theme.

We know that public transport gives passengers the freedom to discover a city, to commute, meet friends and family, or navigate wherever you need to go.

Public transport brings light to any city and energises the lives of all those who use it:
Public transport is the Bright Light of the City.


It’s about more than providing a necessary service; it brightens the urban landscape. It is simply the brightest decision you can make to move around the city.


What does it mean to create a new theme for the UITP Global Summit?

By creating a unique theme for each edition, our team of experts work to guide the direction of our output and creativity to best reflect the event and location.

For the UITP Summit in 2019, we were brought together with “The Art of Public Transport” in Stockholm, a city known for its connection to art and artistic public transport stations.

For 2023, Bright Light of the City fits Barcelona perfectly as a city where light shines brightly through its rich Mediterranean culture, beautiful architecture, art, food and social activities.

“FGC is looking forward to welcome delegates to Barcelona for the next UITP Global Summit in June 2023. Under the exciting new theme “Bright Light of the City”, Barcelona will shine as the world’s public transport capital for those much anticipated few days, and our well-connected systems will show visitors the way around our beautiful city.” said Marta Subira, President of FGC.

One pivotal element which allows people to embrace the magic of this charming city
is through its well-connected public transport system.

With a fully integrated Public Transport system, including all modes, alongside an integrated approach to boost modal shift & sustainability.  


During the MENA Transport Conference and Exhibition, a special moment was held in our closing ceremony where UITP President Khalid ALHOGAIL presented the UITP flag to our 2023 host, FGC President Marta Subira.

“It was my honour to hand over the UITP flag to the President of FGC, Marta Subirà, during the MENA Transport Congress and Exhibition in Dubai. Barcelona will be an excellent host city of the next Global Summit and I look forward to the many activities taking place as UITP works towards the 2023 edition.” Said UITP President Khalid ALHOGAIL.

Officially accepting the flag, FGC spoke of their excitement at being selected to host the 2023 edition, and welcoming the public transport community to Barcelona.

Stay tuned for more on our theme and Summit plans!