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The defining event in public transport reveals an unmissable programme


The UITP Global Public Transport Summit 2019 has just released its full brochure, containing all the latest information about our theme, our venue, new and exciting aspects of the Exhibition, side-events and technical visits already planned throughout the Scandinavian region, and perhaps most anticipated of all, nearly the full Summit programme has been revealed.

The UITP Summit prides itself on its content-rich programme. We are the only event in this sector to bring together all modes and all public transport stakeholders, across all regions of the world. Naturally, we bring more expertise and unique perspectives to the forefront of each Congress session in Stockholm from 9-12 June.

Above all, our programme aims to tackle the current challenges facing the public transport industry and offer solutions. So what can you expect to learn from some of our sessions this year? Here are three key highlights from our programme.

  1. How to keep ageing railways fit for growing ridership and expectations, as well as how to efficiently deliver major rail projects

The ageing and deterioration of railways is quite inevitable, despite proper maintenance. Tracks need to be renewed, signalling replaced, and stations eventually need to be restyled. These tasks might be complex, but are absolutely necessary to keeping our railway systems operating efficiently. Learn how to modernise your ageing railways and meet the growing needs of passengers.

While we keep the old, we also welcome the new railways projects. However, one of the most broad and consistent challenges to public transport is that projects can take a long time to become authorised, financed and implemented. At the Summit, we will have a session dedicated to offering solutions that aim to deliver major railway projects within budget constraints and on time.

  1. How to optimise mobility services with new technologies such as on-demand ride sharing

On-demand shared transport is a fast-growing new mobility solution, popping up in cities all over the world. It is an IT-based shared transport service with no fixed schedule and dynamic routing. There are already many different models, involving different types of mobility actors and taking on various forms, depending on the specific environment. Learn from the pioneers in on-demand ride sharing and find out how this new mobility service can complement public transport in various settings.

  1. How to attract and retain the best talents and skills, building the future workforce of public transport

With the continued urbanisation of cities worldwide, the demand for mobility has increased and the expansion of public transport networks has become crucial. The public transport sector must attract the right workers by offering them a worthwhile career, but also must retain its current talents with proper training and motivation.

On the other hand, one of the greatest challenges (and fears) permeating the sector is the rise of new technologies such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and robotics. These innovations are not only changing our services, but they’re affecting the way we work and perhaps influencing the composition of our workforce. What will the faces of public transport be in 2030? What will be the effects of the technological revolution on employees? Discover this as well as different approaches to recruiting, retaining and reskilling the public transport workforce of tomorrow at the next Summit.


Looking for more? Download the full brochure for the UITP Summit in Stockholm to find more information about our programme and what to expect at this defining public transport event!

Don’t forget to book your pass now to join us in Stockholm from 9-12 June 2019!