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The Art of redefining Public Transport


Like many other creative fields, what makes Public Transport an Art is its capacity to reinvent itself over time. As it embraces the increasing diversity of mobility solutions and the rise of digitalisation as opportunities for growth, progress and innovation, the public transport sector doesn’t only demonstrate this capacity for change; it pushes the boundaries of its very definition.

Here at the Summit, a key plenary session dedicated to this topic will give leaders from the sector a chance to discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with this redefinition.

“We once limited the definition of public transport to mass transit, combining public access and collective use,” said Mohamed Mezghani, UITP Secretary General in the introduction of the UITP Public Transport Trends Report 2019, “but it is only one element of that definition, which now embraces every collective or shared mobility solution. In other words, public transport should include all collective and shared modes.”

While mass public transport will remain the backbone around which sustainable mobility solutions will thrive, the multiplicity of complementary solutions is making the passenger transport market more complex. At this stage, it is essential that the public transport sector addresses the new challenges and trends that have arisen from its ongoing redefinition.

For instance, the new UITP Public Transport Trends Report 2019 provides evidence that trending technological innovations have paradoxically reinforced the importance of the human dimension in public transport. “More than ever before, the future of our cities relies in part on our capacity to redefine public transport with a people first mentality”, writes Pere Calvet, UITP President.

Another challenge that will be discussed during the plenary session on redefining public transport is the need to develop governance models that preserve the core mission of our sector – to serve the public good –, while adapting the business structure to a new urban mobility market.

This session will also be the occasion to discuss and broadcast a selection of our videos related to Redefining Public Transport: the changing faces of urban mobility, our series of mini-documentaries produced for UITP by BBC StoryWorks. Highlighting the many ways in which people’s lives are benefited by using public transport, this series explores what is happening in the constantly evolving landscape of this sector and shows how it will impact society. Our series will show that the sector is built for people.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity and register here to join us at the Summit!

Find out more here about the new UITP Public Transport Trends report.