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Our Theme

The Art of Public Transport

At the UITP Summit in Stockholm, 9-12 June 2019, we will be celebrating the theme ‘the art of public transport’. There is so much to say about this theme, so let us explain it, step by step…

Find the Art of Public Transport Everywhere

Art can take on many forms. We can find art in shapes, in colours, in sounds or movements. We also find art in the perfect urban journey.

In all branches of our sector, we are constantly evolving and designing the mobility of the future, seeking excellence in all we do.

Each of us working together to craft the perfect urban journey is an artist. We are mobility artists.

As mobility artists, we see the art of public transport everywhere and anywhere, across all modes and in all corners of the world, but others might not…

Can you see it?

If you couldn’t see it before, we hope you can now! Follow us on Instagram @uitpofficial from now until June to discover our unique perspective as mobility artists.

Which Mobility Artist are you?

Dedicated workers in the public transport sector, UITP staff members are all mobility artists. You’ve seen their artwork on our Instagram account, now catch them hard at work behind the scenes…

Just as art comes in all shapes and forms, so does the artist. Whether you’re an engineer or a marketer working in the public transport sector, you are a mobility artist, contributing to this innovative movement.

So, which mobility artist are you? Find out here and share your results on social media using the hashtag #UITP2019

Take the Quiz

Meet our Mobility Artists

The Summit in Stockholm will gather the entire international community in one defining event. You will be inspired by speakers from all over the world, coming from every sector within the public transport community.

As we celebrate the “Art of Public Transport“, we believe that each speaker of the Summit is a mobility artist in his own way, working to craft the perfect urban journey.

Discover the stories of our mobility artists :

Stay tuned and keep following the movement thanks to our weekly news!