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Open Call for Contributions for the Global Public Transport Summit 2019!

Become a speaker or panellist at the Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm 2019!


Art can be a painting or a drawing; it can be a movie, a sculpture, a song and a performance. Art can be digital, spoken, written or expressed. Art is the result of a skill or a craft, perfectly mastered to the point it generates an emotion.

In public transport, art translates into each ride we take, and each journey we begin. Those of us working in this sector, whether on the frontline or in the back office, provide these journeys through skill, vision and talent.

Constantly evolving, we are never complacent, but always looking for new and innovative ways to build the mobility solutions of the future, seeking excellence in all we do, working to create our masterpiece.

Each of us working together to craft the perfect urban journey is an artist. Operating public transport is an art. Planning public transport is an art. Designing public transport is an art.

We are mobility artists.

At the Global Public Transport Summit in Stockholm, Sweden 2019, we will be celebrating ‘The Art of Public Transport’. Answer the Call for Contributions below to take this opportunity to share your work, experiences and expertise at this defining event in public transport!



DEADLINE FOR CALL: 24 October 2018 (for Congress Sessions), 5 December 2018 (for Poster Sessions), and 14 December 2018 (for Expo Sessions)

ROLES: Speakers in the Congress programme, presenters of a poster in a Poster Session, speakers in the Exhibition at Expo Sessions

We are looking for mobility artists (public transport professionals) from all aspects of our sector and from all parts of the world to exchange ideas, share expertise and experiences, and evolve our art to the next era of sustainable urban mobility.

WHERE: Stockholm, Sweden

WHEN: 9-12 June 2019

WHAT: UITP Global Public Transport Summit—the defining public transport event


  • Customer service excellence
  • Planning and governance for improving quality of life in cities
  • Mobility as a Service and the new combined mobility paradigm
  • Attracting new talents and skills
  • Operational Excellence
  • Funding & financing
  • Harvesting innovation

THEME: The Art of Public Transport


Download the official Call for Contributions for more information!


We look forward to seeing you there in Stockholm!