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Olaf Czogalla is a senior engineer in the department of Transport & Assistance of IFAK (Institute for Automation and Communication in Germany), he has many years of researching experience, and now is the head in the area of Intelligent Transport. His recent research is aiming at the conversion of electrical buses.
Feng Xie is an engineer in the area of electrical and information technology. She received the degree of Master of Science in Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg, Germany in 2018. And she specializes in modeling and simulation of the batteries for electrical vehicles.


  • June 11: E-buses for the masses

    PLATON - Planning Process and Tool for Step-by-Step Conversion of the Conventional or Mixed Bus Fleet to a 100% Electric Bus Fleet

    PLATON is a kind of tool to accomplish the conversion to 100% electric fleet. It can not only help operators to decide how many and which type of e-buses to put into use to meet the traffic demand, but also provide the optimal proposal of charging. By means of the battery and bus models developed in PLATON, it can simulate the practical running of an e-bus under practical conditions. According to the energy consumption by the bus and SOC of the battery, such tool can provide reasonable energy scheme to decide whether opportunity charging is needed, and how much time should the e-bus be charged at stops, terminals or depot. Finally, an environment friendly and economic optimal solution is generated.