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Gerhard Wennerström has more than ten years of experience in packaging and selling combined products. Since 11 years, he is the CEO of Samtrafiken. Samtrafiken collects, develops and maintains traffic data, industry standards and combined ticketing and mobility solutions for Sweden’s national public transport network. Samtrafiken is co-owned by all Public Transport Authorities as well as most commercial public transport companies in Sweden. Prior to Samtrafiken, Mr Wennerström served as SVP for a train operator. With a background in engineering and economics, he spent ten years in the consumer electronics industry with companies such as Nokia and Fujitsu.


  • June 11: Open data policies to drive your business

    Open Data since 2010 - Swedish Success Factors and Lessons Learnt

    Open public transport data may be the foundation for future mobility solutions. Swedish PTAs have provided open data since 2010, allowing any user to develop smart services for tomorrow's travellers. The speakers will elaborate on milestones in this history of collaboration, how open data benefits society, why standardization and data quality is essential for making open data truly useful, and how to navigate among today’s different data formats.