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Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH), 22 years of experience in the automotive and railway industry, international sales, including 16 years in buses. Bernd has held several management positions in the automotive industry, most recently as Sales Director Bus Region EMEA. Broad experience in fleet sales and in association work for public passenger transport.
Beside his work at ZF Group, he is a lecturer at the University of Applied Science of Ravensburg (DHBW) for Sales and Engineering.


  • June 05: Accelerating zero emission bus deployment II

    Electrified, Safe and Efficient: ZF Innovations for Public Transport

    ZF Accelerates City Buses and Coaches Towards Next Generation Mobility: Underlining its support for bus manufacturers as well as fleet operators worldwide, ZF is taking its extensive portfolio of advanced systems and solutions to the next level. Advancing the global technology leaders ‘Next Generation Mobility’ Strategy, ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Solutions (CVS) division is leveraging its unique capabilities to bring the sector’s autonomous, connected and electric future ever closer. Far from simply outlining the technologies of tomorrow, ZF is already bringing many of these innovations to our roads and highways. It also has a clear road map for the future advancement of cutting-edge bus and coach technologies. This includes raising and setting new industry benchmarks for the safety and efficiency of people transportation, delivering significant advantages for all types of bus applications.