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Patricia Villoslada, Vice-President of Transdev Autonomous Transport Systems

Patricia has graduated with a double Master of Sciences diploma in Engineering between Spain and France at IFP (Institut Français du Pétrole, Paris, France). Majoring in engine/motor development, Patricia has more than 15 years of experience in the car industry fields from Thermic & Hybrid Engine to Connected and Autonomous Vehicle. Along her career at PSA, a French car manufacturer, Patricia has evolved in positions from Research Engineer and Project Manager to Head of Strategy.

Since 2016, as a Vice-President at Transdev Autonomous Transportation Systems, she launched the Autonomous Transport Systems Department managing a strong and unique team of experts in R&D, Operations, Sales and Marketing.


  • June 10: How to integrate fleets of shared autonomous vehicles with public transport

    Autonomous Mobility: a Game Changer

    Transdev is leader in operating shared autonomous mobility services with 3.5 millions passengers transported over 1.6 million km traveled (with vehicles without steering wheel or pedals). As an operator and global integrator of mobility, we are working closely with Public Transport Authorities in order to prepare the future of mobility. We are deeply convinced that shared autonomous mobility services will reach the market before individual autonomous cars.
    We give ourselves as goal to embrace this major change by supporting local authorities on this subject, and gradually integrate autonomous transport services within the existing transportation networks. As a transport operator, we are now and will be in the future responsible for ensuring the passengers’ safety, the quality of service, and want to provide the best client experience.