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Juliana Vilert works as a manager of organisation and people in FGC since 2015. She is psychologist and she has a wide experience in people management in the public sector. Currently, she is also President of Human Factor Foundation.


  • June 12: The faces of public transport in 2030

    Upcoming challenges for HR management within the PT: the need for a new approach

    The presentation focuses on the real challenge regarding the future of the PT workforce rather than talking about new jobs.

    We can summarize this challenge in ensuring that the company has the people they need to achieve their goals (in numbers and skills) and secondly, in establishing responsible and sustainable relationships between the company and its employees.

    The reflection is about how we will adjust the capacity of our employees to reskill them and how to identify the new profiles required. Also the conditions in which new employees will relate to the employer will be highlighted. There will be considerable changes in location, stability, structure, and quality of the jobs.

    If we are able to manage the transformation of the workforce wisely we will establish a more sustainable way of working. If not, we will contribute to increasing social inequality.