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Argo Verk is the VP of Sales and Management Board member of Ridango. Ridango is providing intelligent transportation systems, with focus on account based ticketing and real time passenger information solutions. Argo has years of experience and extensive knowledge on ticketing solutions in Scandinavia and Nordics. Before joining Ridango, Argo was more than 10 years the CEO of Almaro Trans, dealing with ticketing for transportation companies in RO-RO ferry industry. Transportation industry has always been a passion for Argo and he has always had a strong belief in coming changes in industry through technological innovation.


  • June 10: The ticket to better urban mobility

    Journey to contactless bank card acceptance in Tallinn public transport

    Ridango has been a frontrunner in account-based ticketing (ABT) already for a long time. Contactless EMV is quickly becoming a de facto standard application for any new ABT project. One of the highlights of such projects is a full-scale roll-out of cEMV contactless bank card acceptance in public transport of Tallinn, Estonia in August 2018. Discover the key elements of the journey to cEMV acceptance in Tallinn and find out about many obstacles during the implementation. This "Lessons Learned" session delivers a full overview of what to expect from the cEMV enabling process and provides a lot of useful tips, how to make the journey to cEMV quicker and smoother. Based on actual implementation in Tallinn, such real-life experience is useful to all authorities and operators, wishing to learn more about enabling contactless bank cards in public transport.