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Geert Van Hecke (53)

holds Master degrees in Civil Engineering and Business Administration, and a Bachelor degree in Philosophy.

Joining Van Hool in 2013 Geert became responsible for tendered sales and project management of urban buses, and in particular technology projects, such as hybrid buses, electric buses, trolleybuses and fuel cell buses and BRT projects. He reports directly to Filip Van Hool, CEO, and Jan Van Hool, Director of Design and Engineering.
Van Hool sold 102 hydrogen fuel cell buses sofar to the USA, Norway, Italy, Scotland, Germany and Belgium. BRT projects were Geert is involved include projects in France, Italy, Norway, Antilles, Germany, Sweden, UK and Austria.


  • June 12: Alternative fuels for buses

    Insights in large scale deployment of Fuel Cell buses

    Van Hool is currently building 40 Fuel Cell buses for Köln (30) and Wuppertal (10), in Germany. When all buses are in operation beginning of 2019, this will be the largest fleet of Fuel Cell buses in Europe. Insights gained over the last several years with supplies of FC-buses to Rotterdam and Groningen (the Netherlands), London (United Kingdom), Antwerp (Belgium), Oslo (Norway), … will be shared with the public.