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Roger Vahnberg is the Senior Vice President of Västtrafik, the public transport authority of West Sweden. He is responsible for all operations including, trains, trams, buses and ferries as well as traffic and infrastructure development. Västtrafik has 339 million journeys per year and a turnover of about 1 billion Euro. Mr. Vahnberg has many years of experience within the public transport sector and has worked with the financial, operational and political sides of the organisation. Mr. Vahnberg represents Västtrafik in UITP. He is the chairperson of the Organising Authorities Division as well as a Vice President of UITP. Mr. Vahnberg is an experienced public speaker, and has a well-established international network. He has early experience from the engineering and IT industry in Sweden and in North America. Mr. Vahnberg has a Master and Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a BBA.


  • June 11: Contracting for innovative transport services

    Partnership – the fastest route to your goals

    To create a more liveable and competitive city, we must build strong and successful partnerships. Our partnership was developed to change the relationship between the PTA and the PTOs. The first step was to change the tendering process, and involve the operators to take action to increase the ridership and reach Vasttrafik’s goals. We tender, not the lowest price, but the best partner to reach our goals. We form a partnership with common goals and common managment team. In order to focus on ridership and customer satisfaction, at least 30% of the contract value is based on ridership and there are large bonuses for customer satisfaction. Together Västtrafik and our partners agree on the customer promise. Our partners have the strenght of being close to our customers, and Västtrafik has the strength of the big picture and overall grasp. Together in close partnership we get the best results.
  • June 12: The rise of new mobility services: managing changes and disruption

    The Rise of New Mobility Services : Managing Change and Disruption

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