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Efe Usanmaz holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and International Relations from Bilkent University, in Ankara and Masters degree in European Studies from Maastricht University. He is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science at Vrije Universiteit Brussels.
Former consultant at EUROHUB Consultancy Group and Ernst & Young Belgium in Brussels and trainee at the Europan Commission DG Research and Innovation’s Transport Directorate, he has a sound experience in the EU Research and Innovation policies, especially with the EU-funded programmes.

Efe joined UITP in March 2018 in order to coordinate and manage the EU funded projects, such as ZeEUS, ASSURED, JIVE and JIVE2, E-LOBSTER and BIOMOTIVE. He is part of the City Bus Unit which groups the UITP Bodies and Activities relative to the Urban Bus.


  • June 12: Opening Pandora’s Box: Transforming Cities and Reaching Operational Excellence through BRT Systems

    UITP- VREF Report

    Abstract not received.
  • June 12: The Planning and Governance urban mobility: The Devil is in the Detail

    Transforming Cities with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Systems: How to Integrate BRT?

    The joint UITP, Volvo Research and Education Foundations and CoE BRT+ report on the lessons learned from the work of both organisations to develop a report oriented towards decision makers. The content goes as far as to present lessons that are transferrable to other contexts and derive recommendations from governance and planning to operational aspects.
    The key elements will deal with the implementation of BRT projects; namely the planning and funding of the system as well as operational and maintenance concerns. Yet, the process will be approached from a strategic perspective considering the different phases of the development of an integrated PT system and, then, illustrating “good BRT practices”. The poster will illustrate the findings of the report.