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Ana-Maria Tonita is Head of Business Development at door2door, a Berlin-based mobility company. door2door provides a mobility platform to advance public transport with on-demand ridepooling solutions. Ana has a strong background in the public transport industry, managing mobility innovations at Arriva before joining door2door. She is passionate about shared mobility and together with her team is responsible for developing relationships with public transport providers and the public sector.


  • June 11: On-demand shared transport: optimising mobility services with new technologies

    Power to the Cities: Providing Seamless Mobility

    People should enjoy mobility wherever they live without having to depend on private cars anymore - because more convenient and sustainable mobility alternatives exist. With our Mobility Platform, cities and PT companies are enabled to provide such alternatives by implementing shared on-demand mobility services in line with their specific city or municipality goals - always integrating with the existing PT infrastructure. Our work is defined by a collaborative approach to ensure that public interests are at the forefront of efforts and to involve all relevant stakeholders in the process. Only by doing so, mobility can be transformed sustainably. MVG in Munich has chosen to integrate on-demand ridepooling services as part of their public transport network, using our Mobility Platform. This integrated approach has proven successful and will be further elaborated on during the session.