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Yuichiro Tokunaga is an Executive Officer, Director General for the Technology Innovation Dept. of JR East, responsible for the development of MaaS platform.
Since he joined JRE in 1989, he has been engaged in train operation and train crew labor relations for more than 25 years at depots, branch offices, and headquarters. From 1999 to 2006, as project manager, he led the improvement of handy ticketing terminals for conductors, new ticketing and inspectionless seating system on Shinkansen and express trains, and received excellence awards from Japan Railway Engineers’ Association. From 2012 to 2016, he was general manager responsible for all transport and rolling stock issues at the Tokyo Branch Office.
From 2016 to 2019 he was an Executive Officer for the Transport and Rolling Stock Dept., managing the project for automated train operation.


  • June 10: Public transportation moves forward with AI and Internet of Things

    Unleashing the potential of JR East with AI and IoT

    IoT and AI has now become the game changer to re-shape every scene of the business realm.
    This trend is unexceptional also within the field of Public Transport, in which such technologies have shown us a great potential to simplify our complex tasks and drastically improve performance and service levels.
    In this presentation, challenges with the use of IoT and AI within its realm will be presented; AI for supporting the station staff for customer service, autonomous driving BRT PoCs and in-progress updates on AI for rail operations.
    Also, preliminary plan on JR-EAST version of Mobility as a Service will be unveiled.
    Brief examples from our past PoCs on how ICT, IoT in particular could seamlessly bond the mobility link will be introduced.
    Given that JR-EAST owns its infrastructure, short slide on how we manage against cyber security to confront against such risks will be also introduced.