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Margaret is Chief Communications Officer in SMRT Corporation Ltd where she oversees commuter engagement, media communications as well as stakeholder engagement and CSR. Prior to this, Margaret spent many years in the tourism and hospitality industry covering various portfolios including development of visitor experiences and led the crisis communications efforts during SARS outbreak in 2003.


  • June 10: Happy leaders, happy staff, happy customers

    Winning Hearts and Minds

    Summary of the speech for Summit website (max. 900 characters incl. spaces)

    Winning Hearts and Minds sheds light on SMRT’s journey to service excellence .

    As a private organisation providing a public service, SMRT’s leaders drive a service mindset to touch the hearts of staff and customers - when staff members are happy, they serve their customers well.

    The presentation will cover how its leaders meaningfully engage staff with empathy to connect with the ground. In addition to work performance, its leaders also recognise the need to create fulfilling and positive work experiences for staff. With a committed and happy workforce, commuters are in good hands.

    As a public transport service provider, the quality of service that its staff deliver affects the mood and well-being of customers. SMRT listens to what its customers have to say. SMRT takes feedback seriously and work on initiatives that directly address their concerns. Its staff go the extra mile