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Camilla Struckmann is communications director in Movia. She is responsible for all of Movias external communications and marketing efforts, tickets and sales channels as well as the day-to-day management of Movias board of directors. Movia is the largest Public Transport Authority (PTA) in Denmark that transports more than 215 mio. passengers annually by bus, local railway services and demand-responsive transport.


  • June 12: Understanding customer expectations and behaviour + Marketing Campaign Award

    Anthropological insights into why people choose public transport – and why they don’t?

    Movia collects large amounts of data on how more than 210 million yearly passengers travel in buses and local trains every day. We know everything about how the passengers are travelling. However, when it comes to why we travel the way we do – our knowledge is limited. Therefore, Movia conducted in cooperation with an institute a comprehensive anthropological analysis titled “Why I choose public transportation”, which was released in June 2018. 64 individual interviews, group interviews and go-along interviews with users and non-users of public transport provided Movia with unique descriptions and explanations of why some people use public transportation often? And why do some actively choose not to use it?
  • June 11: Different MaaS Models in Scandinavia

    Reducing congestion and improving mobility - is MaaS the answer?

    Summary of the speech for Summit website (max. 900 characters incl. spaces)

    Mobility as a Service is high on the agenda in Denmark. The overall vision is, that MaaS will promote multimodal and sustainable travel behavior, and increase ridership – also among car riders. Denmark has a unique starting point for MaaS with a national Travelplan (Rejseplanen) and a national Travelcard (Rejsekort), both widely used. Rejseplanen combines all public transport and later this year domestic flights, car-sharing, city bikes and carpooling. New legislation paves the way for a national MaaS-solution and for 3rd party, private MaaS operators. Yet, the market is immature and tests with different solutions shows lack of interest from costumers and service providers. From a PTA perspective the overall question is: Will a MaaS-service in itself generate the desired change in travel behavior?