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As HNTB’s transit/rail market sector leader, Kimberly Slaughter develops and directs strategies that enhance HNTB’s services to transit agencies across the country. She is a recognized industry leader with 30 years of comprehensive experience in delivering innovative multimodal solutions that achieve agency aspirations
and enhance local communities. She specializes in planning, policy development, project funding, FTA best practices for capital investment grant requirements and overall project development and delivery.

Slaughter has been appointed to professional association boards and committee leadership positions including the Conference of
Minority Transportation Officials, the American Public Transportation Association and Women’s Transportation Seminar.

Slaughter holds a MS in Community and Regional Planning and a BA in Government from the University of Texas at Austin.


  • June 12: Understanding customer expectations and behaviour + Marketing Campaign Award

    If These Walls Could Talk 2018 America THINKS Survey

    Summary of the speech for Summit website (max. 900 characters incl. spaces)

    Research conducted by HNTB Corporation indicates an emerging confluence of need, demand, and technology that can shape MaaS in a manner that will help propel economic benefits that our populations seek. This research, HNTB’s America THINKS national public opinion survey series, examines public attitudes toward transportation, and queries ordinary people about their mobility needs and desires. Recent research identifies a number of key findings illustrating a readiness for MaaS, including: Ninety-five percent of Americans believe economic prosperity and desirable quality of life stem from mobility through a high-quality, reliable and sustainable transportation network. I will present this information in an engaging and thought-provoking manner that will have the attendees energized to talk to the public and make the public a verbal and visible partner to develop sustainable mobility.