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Mathias Serre is Sales Director for International Transit at Conduent, and as such responsible for developing and promoting attractive offers to clients throughout the world. Prior to his current position, Mathias was Key Account Manager at Conduent in charge of Midlle East, Africa, France and Australia. He also held key responsibilities in building and selling innovative solutions such as Mobility Analytics Platforms, Fleet Monitoring Solutions and Mobile Phone Transportation applications. Before joining Conduent (formerly Xerox Services), Mathias was Sales Rep. for Ascom Telecom activities with clients such France Telecom and other major Telcos in Eastern Europe and Africa. Mathias Serre holds a master’s degree in Finance.


  • June 10: Enabling Mobility as a Service

    Mobility Companion Platform - Simplified access to all forms of urban and regional mobility

    Travel in cities and across regions depends on a wide variety of public and private operators, ranging from public transport to car-pooling and bike- sharing. With the Mobility Companion Platform (MCP) developed by Conduent, local authorities can offer seamless access to all the mobility options available across their region. Online or via a smartphone, the Mobility Companion Platform places all the information users need to get around at their fingertips: scheduled timetables and real-time updates; multi-modal, multi-operator route planning; ticket purchasing; passenger information and route recalculation depending on traffic conditions; management of personal preferences. The Conduent Mobility Companion Platform offers users smart, multi-modal, multi-operator mobility solutions developed by local authorities to cover ever-larger areas, simplifying travel between cities.