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Head of Innovation and Research at the E-Bus Competence Center in Luxembourg, Marcin Seredynski is responsible for R&D projects combining electromobility with intelligent transportation systems. Mr. Seredynski received his M.Sc. (2004) from the Warsaw University of Technology. In 2009 he defended his PhD thesis with the University of Luxembourg and Polish Academy of Sciences. He was working as a researcher in the field of intelligent transportation systems at the University of Luxembourg and Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology. He has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles and is a member of a steering board of the academic network of the International Association of Public Transport (UITP).


  • June 11: E-buses for the masses

    Enabling data-driven transition to public transport electrification

    The poster will present a research project focusing on how to best use existing data in order to support key decision making related to large-scale e-bus deployment as operational follow-up. The project emphasises the role of proper data visualisation as an essential and often overlooked support in the decision-making process. The underlying research hypothesis is that combining large amounts of data from e-bus systems with detailed geospatial information about the route offers enormous opportunities to discover important trends and causative relations, leading to precise and actionable decisions. This approach reduces the risk of non-optimal choices when it comes to key decisions such as selections of the best electrification technology for a given route or optimum charging strategy.
  • June 10: Roll-Out and management of E-bus fleets

    Lessons learned from 10 years of public transport electrification in Luxembourg

    The presentation will show Luxembourg’s path towards clean, quiet and energy efficient public transport (PT). Transition to electrified PT begun 10 years ago, when hybrid buses entered commercial service. Several milestones have been reached so far making Luxembourg a sustainable mobility testbed. Today there are over 100 multi-brand large-capacity electrified buses operating in urban as well as intercity services. Moreover, all major types of e-bus technologies—ranging from hybrids, plug-in hybrids to full electric ones with different charging schemes are present. The experience gained so far allows decision makers more informed choice when it comes to addressing two essential questions related to electrifed buses—"what is the best choice of electrification technology for each bus route?” and “what is the optimum charging strategy?".