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Rainer has been Managing Director of TTK since 2017. Prior to this he was director of the business unit “Business development and International Consulting” of PTV Transport Consult GmbH.
His background is civil-engineering and after studies in Karlsruhe he started his university carreer working on European projects. After that he began working for various consulting companies.
He has now more than 29 years of experience in the transport planning field, working his whole career on traffic engineering and planning aspects of all transport modes. He is a well-known expert for integrated strategic transport planning and familiar with sophisticated methods as well as with special aspects such as PPP finance instruments in transport.
His recent project activities are related to implementation of innovative public transport approaches both in supply and infrastructure.


  • June 11: regiomove: Seamless mobility – a regional approach

    Ports – transforming intermodality into physical infrastructure

    Ports is a crucial part project of regiomove, as interfacing between modes and different services requires hubs and service points that are designed to function perfectly in terms of intermodality. Planning and design of the infrastructure and equipment of intermodal hubs, access points and surrounding road space as well as the physical interconnection of all kind of mobility services including non-motorized transport will be essential and require innovative thinking in a classical engineering field.