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Dan Saunders has previously spoken at events both in the UK and abroad, having recently spoken about 20 minute cities at Modelling World in Birmingham as well as internationally at AITPM in Australia and APTA events in North America.  He has spoken at many events looking at travel access and sustainable transport, recently discussing modal switch from cars to public transport, walking and cycling.


  • June 05: A user-centric approach for more accessible and inclusive mobility in our cities

    Is Barcelona the true 24 Hour City?

    We plan to demonstrate how the city of Barcelona has varying levels of access from multiple modes from the midweek to the weekend starting from the morning to the evening. This exposure in travel time access for people in the city will illustrate whether Barcelona can be classified as a 20 Minute City by looking at the Accessibility Level over a 24 hour period. The exposé in access for people in the city will illustrate whether Barcelona lives up to the 20 Minute City tag by looking at:-Walking & Public Transport access to key landmarks and historical sites. Walking & Public Transport access to 5 selected access zones. By harnessing this data, the city will have the tools to shore up their access ratings and ensure they are robust in their preparations for the future of transport mobility.