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E-mobility professional, gaining experience in electro-mobility for few years in various roles within the industry. Liliya holds a degree in electrical engineering and nuclear physics. As a team member, Liliya is developing project and product activities that allow implementing zero emission e-bus fleet by the Cities and Public Transport Operators today. Ekoenergetyka-Polska provides high-power charging infrastructure for e-buses, creating customized solutions and helps operators change to emission-free transport. Headquarters of Ekoenergetyka-Polska is located in West Poland, but its products can be found all over Europe. Company is gathering experience in different locations as Arctic Circle or Mediterranean climate countries.


  • June 11: Charging infrastructure & systems for electric buses

    Charging infrastructure: Innovative technologies; Lessons learned; Future of charging infrastructure

    The main focus is on innovative technologies and methods allowing to digitalize and upgrade charging services provide for the public transport operators, thanks to new software and hardware features. Another section is dedicated to the lessons learned and experiences gathered from deployment of more than 200kW charging stations across 10 European countries from far up north to the southern seaside, particular examples provided. The brief sum-up of the requirements and strategies that are to be considered while preparing for charging infrastructure deployment and operation. Part 3. Combining the two first parts this section analyses and explores the future of charging infrastructure, based on current and expected market needs and industry demands. Ways to optimize charging experience, soft-efficiency and reliability moving onto fully electric fleets.