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Very focused in reaching objectives and targets, steeped in an International business culture, I am working since 15 years for Custom with the role of exploring new markets across the world, setting up new sales divisions and steadily bringing 30% yearly growth. A very personable builder of relationships, I know that only promises and commitments make customers happy. Focusing on the Transports Sales Division, I’m growing this business with patience, tenacity and commercial ability where my skills will make a lasting impact.


  • June 12: Artificial Intelligence and augmented reality solutions for greater performance

    Custom brings augmented solutions and safety to transports

    Custom has developed fully customized solutions that guarantee unique live experiences for transport. This technology makes a range of multimedia contents available, which are displayed on the device interacting with reality and augmenting it with endless options of solutions, images, data, information and videos. Custom brings real benefits in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduction of operating costs (TCO) for the Client: the selected technology is capable of launching additional multimedia elements not found in real life, reducing the intervention time of 70%. An integrated solution capable of increasing information and contents. The data shows that in 2018 the AR market will reach 17.8 billion. In the period 2017-2021, analysts predict an average annual rise of 98.8%, meaning that interest in Augmented Reality is tangible both in terms of interest and business opportunities.