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Jérôme obtained his Master’s degree diploma in law from University Paris 2, and then graduated from Sciences Po. Later, Jérôme attended HEC Paris where he got his Executive MBA in strategic marketing and finance.
Before joining NAVYA, Jérôme was for 10 years General Manager of Kalidea, acquired by Up Group. He ran a build-up strategy to reach leading position on the market, expended the products portfolio and services range, worked on acquire software companies and developed key partnerships. Before that, he was the CEO of Topachat-Clust where he managed the company turnaround leading to a successful buyout by Orange Group. He then joined Orange as Head of business development at France Telecom E-Commerce. Jérôme joined NAVYA in 2018 and is working in close collaboration with CEO Christophe Sapet to lead the company towards international success.


  • June 11: Deploying autonomous vehicle technology

    Smart city and autonomous vehicles: challenges to achieve

    The city facing new stakes as congestion, pollution parking issues. New technologies such as AV’s could bring some solutions to improve the everyday life of citizens. Autonomous, electric, shared and on-demand vehicles could serve new areas or poorly served areas and therefore propose a solution to complete the transport network system. Some current challenges are about to be met (people's mindset, regulatory, technical and technological...). What we want to explain you is our vision to remain challenges at the user scale and at a city scale. (INTER-OPERABILITY, mobility transition, data management, cyber-security...). The smart mobility revolution has just begun