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Lars Rembold is Director Service Sales within Scheidt & Bachmann’s Fare Collection Systems Division. He holds a Master in Computer Science. In his early professional career he introduced ERP systems and conducted Project Management. Lars has worked for more than 20 years in the Public Transport sector where he has initially focused on building up Service Operations for Scheidt & Bachmann. In his current role he is working on strategic initiatives for the products and services required by the transportation industry for future ticketing projects. His main expertise is back office driven systems, managed services as well as operating & maintain models.


  • June 12: How big data can support public transport performance

    Data-driven Mobility: How digitalization technology will reshape Public Transport services

    A fare collection system generates and processes incredible masses of data every day. Until now most of this data has gone untapped. Digitalization has now unlocked new potential for customer centricity and efficient operations. FareGo 360 is data-driven technology that now fully exploits that information, through areas such as data mining, the Internet of Things (IoT) and business intelligence are used to accurately identify trends, behaviours, and dependencies. This will disrupt the industry for the better and reinvent public transport towards a vastly more efficient and effective business that meets customer needs. The presentation will demonstrate how Scheidt & Bachmann’s FareGo 360 applies the power of data-driven technologies to the public transport industry. The attendee will be guided through the FareGo 360 modules showing the power and value of fully utilizing the FCS data.
  • June 11: From smart ticketing to account-based ticketing

    Quick start & smooth transition: How to utilise digital ecosystems with account-based ticketing (joint presentation with Lars Rembold)

    The presentation will highlight that account-based ticketing technology allows a phased migration approach and enables transport authorities to utilize digital ecosystems right from the start.