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Jonna Pöllänen is the Head of Early Markets at MaaS Global, a fast-growing Mobility as a Service company from Finland that intends to lead the revolution to change the 10 000 billion euro transportation sector. MaaS, Mobility as a Service, means that instead of buying a car people buy all the transportation they need as a service package and operate it through a smart phone, in MaaS Global’s case through the Whim App.

Jonna has been actively part of the global “Mobility as a Service” movement for the past 6 years and continues now to grow the global MaaS ecosystem at MaaS Global. Jonna focuses on breaking the market barriers and finding the best markets to start with Mobility as a Service.


  • June 11: Different MaaS Models in Scandinavia

    Different MaaS models in Scandinavia: Whim by MaaS Global

    MaaS Global is the world’s first mobility operator. The company implements the Mobility as a Service concept by building the world’s first mobility ecosystem. MaaS Global aspires to improve the level of service in the transport sector by combining public and private transport services from brand-new cars to taxis, rental cars, trains, buses and city bikes. We have a clear vision of modern traveling. We see ahead a world where people move around seamlessly, using the most efficient modes available – from public transport to taxi rides, car rental to city bikes and more. Fewer people will have a need for a car of their own, leading to less congestion and pollution. Cities will have parks instead of parking lots, and the necessary hassle of everyday travel will turn into a joyful experience. In Finland, the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications have introduced also a new legislation called the Act for Transport Services to support the market creation. This all enables the future of easy, efficient and sustainable mobility, that is also the future of Whim.