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Since 2014, Dr. Alexander Pischon has been the CEO of the Karlsruhe Transport Company (VBK), the railway company Albtal-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft mbH (AVG), the Karlsruhe Transport Authority (KVV), the Karlsruhe Rail Infrastructure Company (KASIG), as well as the Karlsruhe Authority Public Utilities, Public Transport- and Port Company (KVVH). Prior to that, he spent six years working actively as the CEO of the Regional Management of the Deutsche Bahn DB Regio AG and Region Rhein-Neckar/Bus Division, amongst others. After studying Economic Science and Macroeconomics and obtaining his doctorate in 1998 he worked for ABB in various positions responsible for management and strategy topics.


  • June 11: Deploying autonomous vehicle technology

    The public transport perspective for autonomous driving in Karlsruhe

    This presentation offers in-depth insight into the state-funded research project Public Transport-EVA-Shuttle Buses. It depicts the role of autonomous vehicles for the regional transport authority KVV when it comes to covering the first and last mile of intermodal travelling – one aspect of regiomove. Furthermore, the presentation describes how the findings of the Test Area Autonomous Driving Baden-Württemberg contribute to a more flexible and demand-oriented public transport.