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Gunnar Ohlin, Lindholmen Science Park, is the project leader for the RIVSILON project and is responsible for coordinating ElectriCity in Gothenburg – a cooperative venture bringing together industry, research and society in the development and testing of solutions for next-generation sustainable public transport.


  • June 11: E-buses for the masses

    Real-life observations from full electric articulated city buses built on Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) specification

    In early 2017 Volvo Buses and Västtrafik (PTA) together with Lindholmen Science Park initiated a multi stakeholder collaboration with the aim to accelerate the introduction of the standardized IT architecture as specified by ITxPT - Information Technology for Public Transport, ITxPT, an international association that promotes the implementation of standards for plug-and-play IT-systems. The collaboration resulted in RIVSILON, a collaborative project, which was granted funding during 2018. In addition to the initiating partners above, Actia, Consat, Ericsson, Fleetech, Hogia, Icomera, Keolis, Mobitec, Pilotfish, RISE and Transdev participate in the project, which is a part of the ElectriCity cooperation in Gothenburg.