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Dr. OH Suk-Mun achieved Ph.D in System Optimization, Operations Research from the Korea University in Korea. He worked for the Department of the Railway Operation in Korea Railroad Research Institute since 1995.
He is currently part of the Board of New Technology at the Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA) and Railway Operation and Rolling at the Korea Railroad Network (KR-Net). Also, he has been involved in new technologies, automatic fare collection for Seoul Metro since 2010.


  • June 12: The operation and maintenance cookbook for public transport

    Introduction to a compact and intelligent rail – transit scheduling program

    This presentation addresses a rail – transit scheduling software with the name of Dr.METRO (Demand responsive Metro Train Operation planning program). We hold on to two directions; compactness and intelligence in the development of Dr.METRO. Dr.METRO provides three functions; (1) demand analysis (by using a dial algorithm customized with the huge size of smartcard data), (2) train schedule and schedule based congestion analysis (by using Frank - Wolfe algorithm at a modeling of schedule based nonlinear transit assignment problem), and (3) rail-vehicle routing (by using Vehicle and Train oriented Rail – Vehicle Heuristics).
    The core algorithms embedded in Dr.METRO had already achieved patents from Korea and Japan. In addition, Dr.METRO achieved the honor of top 10 railway technologies from Korean Railway Society in 2014. This presentation will address all of the above in detail.