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Minoru OGASAWARA is a researcher of Frontier Service Development Lab., Research Development Center of East Japan Railway Company.
His research is focusing to improving JR East Group’s business by making use of various data, and he has experienced a wide variety of themes.
Now he is researching how to improve customer experience at station by AI and robot.
He acquired a Master’s degree in Information engineering from Tokyo Denki University, Japan in 2005.
He joined JR East Information Systems in April 2005 and developed PASMO system (Automatic fare collection system with IC card).
May 2018, incumbent.


  • June 12: Automation and robotics in public transport

    Study of passenger guidance by use of multiple robots which operated integrating at the station.

    Today, guidance robots are used in various places because speech recognition and AI technology has improved. We are studying the use of robots for passenger guidance at the station. However, each robot operates independently, and in most cases, they does not cooperate. In addition, the content that the robot can guide is limited to the learning data created in advance. It is difficult to make real-time answers such as train service information. Therefore, we will construct a "Common Infrastructure for Guide Robots" and conduct research to realize integrated operation of various kinds of robots and customer guidance of real time information.