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Eric Nöh, 40, studied business engineering (Electronics).
He has 15 years of world-wide sales experience in the public transport and railway sector due to positions at GSP Sprachtenologie GmbH, Berlin, Germany (Sales Manager and Teamleader Sales for Passenger Information/ CCTV and entertainment systems), DB Vehicle Maintenance, Frankfurt, Germany (Key Account Manager UK & Scandinavia for all types of maintenance services for all kinds of railway vehicles) and Axtone GmbH, Neitersen, Germany (Head of Sales for EMEA region for buffers, springs and energy absorbing systems). Since 2017 he is Head of Sales at PSI Transcom GmbH Berlin, responsible for ITCS and Depot Management Systems.


  • June 11: Charging infrastructure & systems for electric buses

    Towards a green future: Depot and charging management for electric buses

    For many PTAs, converting to alternative transmission technologies is currently the greatest challenge. But acquiring solely new fleets isn’t enough. Modern, flexible depot management systems are required to fulfill the specific demands deriving from electric mobility and a mixed fleet. The PSItraffic Depot Management System (PSItraffic/E-DMS) ensures at all times that all blocks will be served with suitable charged buses. It continuously checks which vehicles at the depot are suited best for which blocks after which charging time and performs the loading accordingly. Thus ideally, not all electrical vehicles have to be charged simultaneously, permanently or completely. The integrated load management module forecasts the entire energy needs for the day, develops a sensible strategy in dependence of the electricity network constraints and monitors the progress of charging.