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Hanne Nettum Breivik, Director Combined Mobility at Entur. Hanne has more than 10 years of experience in public transport, in Entur and the largest Norwegian PTA Ruter. She was also the project manager for the project National Journey Planner in Norway, where all PT data is collected and made available for travel planning and (in the future) joint ticketing. In Ruter she was also responsible for developing and implement mobile ticketing (RuterBillett) and upgrade of mobile travel planner (RuterReise). She is a key participant in the Norwegian initiatives to streamline and develop common business rules for public transport and to make it increasingly more attractive to travel by public transport in Norway.


  • June 11: Open data policies to drive your business

    Collecting public transport data for Norway in a platform - for better customer experience and innovation

    Through a significant digitalization project, Norwegian PT has now established a common platform covering all travel information data in Norway. Information from more than 60 companies has been made available through a common interface, where open data is available free of charge for everyone.
    Until now, PTAs and PTOs, as well as companies within tourism, map services and culture have tapped into the data, enrichening their services to also cover travel information services either for designated, local areas, or for all of Norway. In near future, the database will include products and prices for national distribution of PT tickets.
    The project is run by the state, and innovative methods of development has been emphasized in the work. The project shall enable PT data to be available everywhere and make it possible to purchase tickets to all public transport in one operation.
  • June 10: UITP Awards 2019 Finalists Poster Session 1

    Entur - National travel planner

    In Norway, the main part of PT is governed by the regions, but train is governed by the state, and there are also commercial actors supplementing PT. Due to the fragmented organization of PT, and also the different or lacking routines when it came to sharing data about PT, there was in many cases difficult - or impossible - to find the PT journey covering region-crossing or multimodal travels. The aim of the project was to make it easier to travel with different modes of transport in different areas.
    In addition it was an objective to stimulate third parties to innovate based on the PT data collected. Both objectives support the main goal of making PT more available and increase PT's market share compared to car traffic.