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Ippei Nemoto is a researcher of Frontier Service Development Lab, Research Development Center of JR East Group. His research is focusing to Improving JR East Group’s business by making use of various data, and he has experienced a wide variety of themes. He was born in 1989 and studied business administration at Tokyo University of Science. He joined East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in 2012. He served as station staff and Conductor. Now he is researching how to use big data for development of Real-time transfer route search and for understanding the impact of transport trouble.


  • June 06: Stations of the Future: Safer, smarter and more inclusive

    Digital Transformation at Stations

    I will introduce JR East's "Station of the Future" concept which aims to transform the role of stations from "hub for transportation" to "hub for the whole daily life".The "Station of the Future" will connect customers with various services that support daily life, community, safety and security, and so on, to realize well-being.And in such stations, digital transformation technologies based on IoT, big data, AI and so on, can be used.As examples of our work on this concept, we will also introduce our research activities about autonomous moving robots to perform various tasks in stations and digital signage to respond automatically to customers' inquiries using interactive AI.