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Master Electrical Engineer at Zaragoza University. MBA at  Comillas University and ESG Programme and PADE (Senior Management Programme for Executives) at IESE. From 1993 to 1997, she worked for the Electrical Consultancy, which was incorporated to ABB. In 1997, she joined CAF, being responsible for important international projects, like the Paddington line to Heathrow Airport, Northern Spirit and Northern Ireland Railways. In 2000, she starts as CAF’s Project Manager on the Rome Underground. In Spain, she joined several projects for the Madrid Underground and she has been Project Manager on Renfe’s commuters.

In 2009, she was appointed CAF’s Rolling Stock Project Manager for Los Tranvías de Zaragoza. In 2010, she was named responsible of the whole CAF scope of supply on the Zaragoza Tram, adding this task to her responsibility as member of the Board of Directors. In 2013, she was appointed General Manager of SEM Los Tranvías de Zaragoza.


  • June 05: Automation in trams and trains: Optimising capacity and operations

    Tranvía de Zaragoza: the challenge to enhance capacity & technological excelence

    Tranvía de Zaragoza is one of the most succesful light rail stories in recent years, featuring the longest stretch without catenary in Spain and a demand of more than 100,000 passengers/day in a city of 700,000 inhabitants and with just one line. The system has a full digital depot since 2020 and in the last months has started the first test of the Europe's Rail TAURO Project for autonomous driving.