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Mathias Molden is a senior digital service designer (MSc) at Kolumbus, a public transport provider in Rogaland County on the west coast of Norway. He has led user experience and service design during the implementation of HentMeg, an on demand bus system for rural areas in Norway. Mathias has several years of experience from service design from different industries.


  • June 11: On-demand shared transport: optimising mobility services with new technologies

    On-demand service in Sauda

    Sauda is a small village situated on the edge of one of Norway’s many fjords. Kolumbus, the public transport provider in Rogaland, traditionally offered three fixed bus routes in the area, catering to the transport needs of around 4500 inhabitants. Due to low passenger numbers, a pilot project called HentMeg (pick me up) was launched in July 2018. The new on-demand service replaced the fixed bus routes, offering door to door transport with flexible, real-time route planning and booking. The HentMeg service has been popular among its users, and the project has provided interesting insights on rural on-demand transport dynamics.