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For over 15 years Sascha has been leading and consulting teams managing tech products. As CPO for MOIA he is currently responsible for the development of a new on demand ridesharing service. Before that Sascha has been working seven years as consultant and manager together with companies from DAX behemoths to startups in building agile product organizations. Sascha started his product management journey in the 2000s in the mobile industry as Director Product Management WHATEVER MOBILE and Managing Director or the startup REMOTE365.


  • June 10: Integrating on demand transport in urban transport networks

    What car ownership can teach us for new modes of shared mobility

    MOIA rethought the concept of ridesharing and involved its users from the earliest stage of the service development. In a co-creation process the mobility company asked people what they loved the most in their own cars to transfer the strengths of vehicle ownership like flexibility, reliability, comfort and privacy into a new mode of mobility. The company developed a purpose-built vehicle and a service that considers the barriers that keep people from sharing; because the barriers we are facing for better future urban mobility aren’t technological, they are psychological. CPO Sascha Meyer will share insights regarding the key findings and the operationalized solutions by his team.