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Since 2007 Angelo Meuleman’s mission is to make shared mobility the most rocking concept in the world of transport. Which is not a difficult task for him, as he is convinced that shared mobility 100% rocks. Angelo is innovation and policy director at Taxistop, a Belgian non-profit car-sharing and carpooling operator. He travels around Europe as shared mobility consultant and partner in many European projects. In Belgium, he’s one of the initiators of a new concept for urban designers: Mobihubs, a local hub with at least shared mobility, collective transport and bike-facilities.


  • June 12: Beyond the battle for the kerb: adapting cities to new mobility

    The concept of mobihubs and their potential for dynamic space use in cities (use cases in small, medium-sized and bigger cities in Flanders).

    A mobihub (mobipunt in Dutch) is a transport hub on neighbourhood level, where different sustainable and shared transport modes are linked with each other. A mobihub can have multiple functions but some are essential. Angelo Meuleman will present how he got inspired by the city of Bremen and how he worked out the concept in Flanders together with and Infopunt Publieke Ruimte. In his presentation he will show the roadmap towards 1.000 mobihubs in Flanders to dynamize public space.