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Hubert Metge has been first a transportation planning expert. He has conducted many transportation studies worldwide. From 2005 to 2017, Mr. Metge was responsible for SYSTRA’s France consulting activities (110 employees), based in Paris, France. Today, he is the digital transport planning officer and participates in the digital transformation of SYSTRA’s product lines in the field of transportation planning studies. His work involves master planning studies, transport demand forecast, new mobility modes assessment, operating supply optimization, transportation hub feasibility studies and economical and financial appraisals for passenger and freight networks.


  • June 10: Leveraging big data for public transport planning

    ITSIM : Transport Planning As a Web Service

    ITSIM takes as input a complete description of a transit network’s services arising from GTFS data import, socio-economics data) and takes profit of several web services in open sources for GIS aspects, road network description or itinerary calculation. From the existing network named digital replica, the user can test in a dynamic way several network alternatives just by clicking and moving lines or stops on the screen. A bus stop could be cancelled or added, a new line could be created (bus, tram, cable car, metro...), unit data base entry could be changed and adapted to the existing or planned situation. The API provides immediately on screen updated key performance indicators for the new version of the scenario, lines or stops. ITSIM is shared between project team including the client. It generates significant cost savings and allows to secure all the work steps with united format.