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Josep Mension is 55 years old and his hometown is Barcelona. He is a MSc in Civil Engineering from UPC BarcelonaTech. He has a Master’s degree in Mobility Direction and Planning, a degree in Municipal Engineering and a degree in Software Engineering, also from UPC BarcelonaTech.

He has been involved in PT since 1999 when he joined TMB, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, where he is currently Director Central Services, Service Planning and Bus Infrastructures Division. He had an active participation on restructuring (planning and implemeenting) Barcelona bus network and about his participation in international projects; he’s the TMB Bus main contact within the IBBG, International Bus Benchmarking Group, coordinated by the Imperial College.

He was member of the Cost Action TU 603 on Buses with High Level Service, and he has been taken part in various European projects on eBuses and bus benchmarking. From 1995 to 2002, he lectured Descriptive Geometry at the Advanced Technical School of Civil Engineering, UPC BarcelonaTech.


  • June 11: Tackling the challenges to operating fleets of e-buses

    Table 9

    It is an approximation to the design of a fully electric bus route/network. The presentation analyses the foremost parameters to be considered and to propose various feasible layout configurations. Finally, the variables to be estimated and the procedures to obtain them are explained.