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Adrian Meissner is Key Account Manager at initperdis GmbH in Hamburg. Core business of initperdis GmbH is to support public transport operators in their complex tasks of creating rosters, dispatching employees and vehicles, preparing payroll, and depot management. Adrian Meissner also does user trainings and worked several years as a consultant. He studied Computational Linguistics and Phonetics at the University of Trier and he worked in fundamental research for speech synthesis. Before joining initperdis GmbH in 2011, he was Regional Manager EME for IT Infrastructure, at Logwin Air & Ocean, a worldwide operating logistics company.


  • June 11: Operating fleets of electric buses

    Efficient Operation of Battery Powered Buses in Public Transport

    Operational information systems will play a key role for the successful implementation of e-mobility in public transport, as they are vital in ensuring efficient e-bus fleet operation. INIT combines multiple essential functionalities in one integrated solution: from e-simulations providing the basis for fundamental decisions, charging management, and vehicle range prediction, to extended functionalities in existing information systems, including planning, ITCS, depot management, and vehicle dispatching. This allows public transport companies to manage all operational tasks in a seamless approach.