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Stephen is the Director of Intergovernmental Relations for the Department of Transport in the capital city of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia. He helps lead and coordinate the transport portfolio’s relationship with the national government and other State and Territory governments. His wide-ranging brief includes transacting transport policy and reform ideas, securing national government funding for priority transport projects and strengthening transport safety regulation. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Melbourne and Graduate Diplomas in Urban Policy and Planning and Government Project Management from RMIT University. Stephen is also a proud member of the successful bid team which helped the city of Melbourne secure the hosting rights for the next UITP Global Public Transport Summit in 2021.


  • June 10: Finding the balance between funding and financing

    Value Creation and Capture - maximising the environmental, social and economic value of government investments

    The Victorian Government’s investment in transport and infrastructure is unprecedented.
    - the investment pipeline has seen a rapid increase with it more than doubling over the past fours years compared with the previous decade
    - with the release of this years budget this is likely to increase to AUD $107 billion or approximately EURO $66 billion
    - represents the creation of over 75,000 jobs
    The question is:
    - How can Victoria maximise the benefits of this investment?
    - How can specific investments be leveraged to provide benefits outside of a normal departmental scope? i.e. how can a transport project deliver health or education outcomes?
    - Is it possible to recoup some value from those who will benefit?
    The answer:
    - Victoria’s value creation and capture policy released in 2016.