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Maren Mayer de Groot completed her Bachelor’s degree in International Culture and Management at the Cologne Business School in 2013. After an internship focused on sustainable development, she relocated to Melbourne for a Master’s degree in Urban Planning. During her studies at the University of Melbourne she gained experience with participatory planning methods while working for CoDesign studio, a non-profit planning company focused on community-led placemaking. After completing her degree in 2016 she returned to Germany, where she started working for an urban planning office based in Hamburg. Here she discovered her passion for new mobility. In 2018 she joined the Regionalverband Mittlerer Oberrhein in Karlsruhe, where she is currently working on bringing multimodal mobility to the Karlsruhe Region through the regiomove and regiomove_komm projects.


  • June 11: regiomove: Seamless mobility – a regional approach

    Everything is connected: regiomove, an intermodal mobility platform for the Karlsruhe Region

    How can we make our transport systems more sustainable? How can we strengthen the connection between rural and urban areas in our region? How can the existing public and private transport systems be integrated? regiomove offers a holistic, regional approach to these challenges. Started in 2017, under the leadership of the Karlsruhe Transport Authority (KVV), the project aims at creating a new mobility platform consisting of public and private mobility providers to offer users a seamless mobility- and service chain from a single source. A team of researchers, municipalities, IT specialists and mobility providers are working on a new technological and legal framework for the future of mobility in the Karlsruhe Region. The speaker will introduce the concept and current results of the project.