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Libertad Martínez is a colombian lawyer, with a degree in contract law, who has developed her professional path around public transport systems in different latin american cities, during the former 14 years. Currently working for Si99 S.A. in Bogotá, Colombia, as corporate social responsibility and sustainability manager. She belongs to a family that has been working in the public transport business in Colombia and other countries for four generations.


  • June 12: Reform and integration of informal transport services in cities

    The Cartagena case: from an archaic public transport service to a sustainable transport system

    This session will describe the successful transition from informal, unorganized, pollutant public transport service to a clean, inclusive and efficient state-of-the-art bus system in Cartagena, Colombia. The audience will learn about:
    - Cartagena before the TransCaribe bus system
    - How the implementation process of a state-of-the-art bus rapid transit system was carried out
    - How the use of a clean fuel has great positive effects on air quality and health
    - How the inclusive approach was used, focusing on community involvement and delivering a good quality service
    - What Cartagena is like today – a global, and local, good example of sustainable and attractive public transport
    - How the good example of Cartagena could affect the future of clean public transport in Colombia