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Steve is a Royal Society author and researcher in the field of behavioural science and co-author of the international bestseller ‘Yes! 60 Secrets from the Science of Persuasion’ which has sold over one million copies and gained over 10 million YouTube views.

Steve’s work applying behavioural science to business and public policy has featured in the national and international press including BBC TV & Radio, the New York Times, Harvard Business Review.

Steve is visiting professor of Behavioral Science at Columbia University Graduate School of Business and heads CHANGE By Transdev–a joint venture that has built the world’s first specialist behavioral science unit in a global transport operator.


  • June 12: Closing Ceremony

  • June 12: The science of persuasion: nudging customers and employees for greater performance

    Using behavioural science to improve public transport performance (Joint Presentation with Marielle Villamaux)

    Many of the challenges that PublicTransportation Authorities and Transportation Operators face are behavioural ones. Persuading people to do the honest thing and pay their fare; ensuring driver safety and proper compliance; reducing staff absenteeism; and encouraging people to reduce their dependence on private cars. These are all examples of behavioural challenges! In 2016, Transdev joined forces with Steve Martin—a world renowned behavioural scientist, CEO of INFLUENCE AT WORK—to create “CHANGE by Transdev” the world’s first dedicated Behavioural Science Unit installed at the heart of a global transport operator. Two years and various field experiments conducted in 3 continents across a range of transport networks later, the “CHANGE by Transdev” team has built a robust “Scientific Protocol” which has proved effective at delivering performance with tangible and meaningful results.