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Ricardo Marques is currently product manager on a company that develops products and solutions to manage real-time operations in public transportation networks. During his 20 years work experience in this area, he had the opportunity to participate in several projects, in different geographies, that nowadays are still in operation. He has performed different roles within the product development lifecycle, starting with product design and software development to project management and business development. Ricardo holds an Electrical and Computers Engineering degree from Oporto Engineering University.


  • June 11: Connecting buses for smarter mobility

    AI applications to real time mobility management tools towards a service of excellence

    Real time data treatment is the basis of actual mobility services management systems. A service of excellence is a service that is reliable, that performs according timetable and regularity and where accurate real time information is communicated to passengers through different media. Providing real-time information about services’ status to drivers and regulators allows them to act and perform corrective actions, but also to analyze and measure the performance achieved – all this is vital to improve punctuality and regularity of the service. To address this, applications will be presented which allow the implementation of real time service regulation actions, to analyze and report the service punctuality indexes achieved by each regulator. An advanced services regulation system, applying AI algorithms, to give tools to aid the driver and regulator’s decision-making on service regulation